The city heated it up: No mas!

lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

No mas!

I have decided to no longer write more in English, because I cut a lot of inspiration.

There's nothing like writing in your own language, so there will be no more English, well in some cases I will do it because I use a lot of english words and phrases in my daily life.

Anyway in order to be understood in all languages I put a google translator, is quite easy to change the page language and very fast!

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Blogger Vintage Vinyl ha dicho...

Thanks for the comment :)

15 de julio de 2008, 7:16  
Blogger coco ha dicho...

Shame, I will have to rely on pictures.

15 de julio de 2008, 11:26  
Blogger Molly :] ha dicho...

I will miss your posts, but i understand how frustrating it must be to translate everything.
thanks for the link, i'll add you into mine :)

15 de julio de 2008, 11:45  

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