The city heated it up: This week celebrities outfits!!!!

viernes, 11 de julio de 2008

This week celebrities outfits!!!!

In general I think that the celebs wore nice outfits!!!!


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Blogger NERINA ha dicho...

i like Anne H, Kirsten, and Aggynes Deyn outfit!

11 de julio de 2008, 12:16  
Blogger emma ha dicho...

i love anne's look

11 de julio de 2008, 13:27  
Blogger michelle ha dicho...

All of them are pretty fab, I really like the fourth one ^_^

11 de julio de 2008, 14:55  
Blogger She's Dressing Up ha dicho...

Is that Madge's daughter Lourdes in the tube socks and shorts? She looks great, esp as she's so young!

11 de julio de 2008, 15:09  
Blogger STYLE DU MONDE ha dicho...

Love Agyness Deyn's outfit!

Check out my latest post. I just tagged you :-)

11 de julio de 2008, 16:09  
Blogger B ha dicho...

Agyness Deyn.

11 de julio de 2008, 17:25  
Blogger Some Notes on Napkins ha dicho...

I hate to say this but lauren conrad is looking fierce... maybe she has a stylist?

15 de julio de 2008, 6:29  

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