The city heated it up: Rainy days? happy thoughts

miércoles, 9 de julio de 2008

Rainy days? happy thoughts

From the week last to today it has not stopped raining in my city. And I hate it cause I cant do anything, Im kind of like a prisioner in my house!!!!! Im so customary to the sun and the heat, so the best thing I can do its think about my last vacations with my friends. We went to Acapulco its not the greatest place but we have a lot of fun we hardly sleep but it was Ok.

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Blogger MC FLY! ha dicho...

aww necesito vacaciones con mis amigas... Con todo esto del trabajo y el estudio es muy dificil hacerse un momento para disfrutar :( lindisimas las fotos ;D

9 de julio de 2008, 19:32  
Blogger i think thats hauttte ha dicho...

such pretty pictures! i love the orange dress

9 de julio de 2008, 22:15  
Blogger MR style ha dicho...

ur blog is so amazin !! all those gaspard ulliel pictures make me melt !!! hahhahha jokin !! no great blog !

10 de julio de 2008, 0:25  
Blogger B ha dicho...

Lovely photos!

10 de julio de 2008, 7:57  
Blogger yiqin; ha dicho...

Beautiful photos!! You look like you had so much fun! Awesome.

10 de julio de 2008, 10:00  
Blogger Ashleigh ha dicho...

beautiful pics!

10 de julio de 2008, 11:37  
Blogger STYLE DU MONDE ha dicho...

Happy pics! Love it!

10 de julio de 2008, 12:04  
Blogger Vintage Vinyl ha dicho...

great pictures! I wish I were there.

10 de julio de 2008, 14:32  
Blogger Paris Tarts ha dicho...

I love these pictures!!!


10 de julio de 2008, 15:35  
Blogger coco ha dicho...

It is always raining in London. It is so depressing.

11 de julio de 2008, 2:49  
Blogger michelle ha dicho...

Aw looks like such a fun time!

11 de julio de 2008, 9:30  

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