The city heated it up: cherry project

lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

cherry project

Today im going to talk about a mexican label, cherry project.This is one of my favorite brand.

I found the designs colorful and easy to wear.They also make shoes which are incredible.

Theres a mexican pop band called Belanova where the lead singer wear this brand and she is always impecable you can check by yourselfs!

Here its cherry project myspace.

F/W 08



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Blogger the_kitten ha dicho...

This belanova-girl is really gorgeous! She looks amazing in cherry project's works. Which are in fact really very appealing. I can see myself in their high-waisted skirts - I especially like the colors they used! Thanks for the tip!

7 de julio de 2008, 23:58  
Blogger Charlotte ha dicho...

Waw, interesting!

8 de julio de 2008, 1:00  
Blogger Vintage Vinyl ha dicho...

I... am... in.... LOVE with everything you just posted!

8 de julio de 2008, 9:40  
Blogger karii ha dicho...

Hola linda como estas??? como te fue de finde???

Ohh Cherry Project, Lo vi en el pasado FW, no soy fan de la marca, pero tiene muy buena confeccion!

8 de julio de 2008, 11:23  
Blogger Molly :] ha dicho...

Cherry Project is so unique! :)

8 de julio de 2008, 11:36  
Blogger Richel ha dicho...

I love this collection! I'm so mad that I missed out on Belanova when she came to my home town!

8 de julio de 2008, 16:27  
Blogger STYLE DU MONDE ha dicho...

Original project!

8 de julio de 2008, 17:11  
Blogger Alberto ha dicho...

Gracias por pasarte.
Tu blog m,e ha gustado bastante tb.
Que bueno que compartamos el gusto por la moda, las fiestas, lo sencillo.

9 de julio de 2008, 1:10  
Blogger yiqin; ha dicho...

Wow! I LOVE ALL THE SHOES! Especially the one wit the hearts on the straps! & the dresses are amazing. The outfits are so fun!

9 de julio de 2008, 10:59  
Blogger michelle ha dicho...

Oh la la, I LOVE that line and the shoes are to die for!

9 de julio de 2008, 17:35  

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