The city heated it up: Ready for neon?

jueves, 26 de junio de 2008

Ready for neon?

The new neon pigments for MAC PRO.

Lately I´ve seen a lot of neon on the stores, I still dont own a neon piece but I definitly will get one.

Its so crazy make me think about crazy future movies like the fifth element, where Milla Jovovich use that colorful stripes,orange hair and beautiful makeup.

This is going to be the entire year because designer collections for fall have neon pieces.

Its definitly a tricky trend.


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Blogger i think thats hauttte ha dicho...

i would WEAR something in neon, but the makeup/hair (haha) ...i can pass on this one.

26 de junio de 2008, 18:13  
Blogger Vintage Vinyl ha dicho...

Oh I am SO ready for neon. And would I wear it? Answer is yes. I even posted an outfit with a neon eyecatcher in it. Lovely!

26 de junio de 2008, 20:57  
Blogger yiqin; ha dicho...

OMG I seriuosly LOVE MAC PIGMENTS! I am so obsessed that I buy them just to keep them & look at how pretty they are! Makeup is such an expensive habit!!!

27 de junio de 2008, 9:23  
Blogger Fashion Ivy ha dicho...

Hey thak for visiting my blog. would u like to link?

27 de junio de 2008, 12:13  
Blogger NERINA ha dicho...

you deserve to be in my blogs list!

27 de junio de 2008, 12:55  
Blogger emma ha dicho...

of course i would! i have neon pants, actually thanks for the reminder, im gonna wear them today!

28 de junio de 2008, 9:01  
Blogger ivoreece ha dicho...

I don't know, if I'm ready to wear something in those colours... But maybe a neon 'hair clip-ons' :)

29 de junio de 2008, 14:41  
Blogger She's Dressing Up ha dicho...

Love neon eyemakeup!

29 de junio de 2008, 15:55  
Blogger pammish ha dicho...

i dont know how to wear neon! though im awfully tempted!

29 de junio de 2008, 19:37  
Blogger Times of Glory ha dicho...

I never own something in neon, but your post just makes me want to try one! MAC pigments are always great and I have to check out these ones!

30 de junio de 2008, 6:53  
Blogger Ida ha dicho...

I am not sure I would. It really depends on the item because it could get tacky. I guess for now I'll just stick to the floral trend:))

30 de junio de 2008, 6:59  

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