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jueves, 31 de julio de 2008


What do you think of Rachel Bilson Boots?

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Blogger Miss Victory ha dicho...

I really don't like them. They look like dress-up shoes for a cute girl playing the part of a furry mammal in a play. But then Bilson's style has never really done much for me anyway..

31 de julio de 2008, 16:00  
Blogger michelle ha dicho...

It just seems like everyone is getting desperate to be different.

31 de julio de 2008, 20:43  
Blogger Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola ha dicho...

I totally agree with Miss Victory, these boots aren't my taste and i can't stand the shape.
Really she's pretending to be original and naturally stylish!

1 de agosto de 2008, 5:52  
Blogger B ha dicho...

Hm. Not for me.

1 de agosto de 2008, 6:18  
Blogger emsie ha dicho...

well, you see i love rachel. not really a fan of the boots though.

1 de agosto de 2008, 6:28  
Blogger karii ha dicho...

increibles! amo ese taco!

1 de agosto de 2008, 10:52  
Blogger coco ha dicho...

In a way I like them, but the toes poping out is a tad creppy as they are the same colour as the boots.

1 de agosto de 2008, 11:08  
Blogger Caroline ha dicho...

i need themmm. but i think it takes a lot for someone to pull them off.

1 de agosto de 2008, 12:42  
Blogger Mimi ha dicho...

I love them.She styled them so well.
I want a pair of nude shoes :(

2 de agosto de 2008, 11:56  
Blogger STYLE DU MONDE ha dicho...

I love them on her!


3 de agosto de 2008, 11:48  
Blogger Jenny H. ha dicho...

i LOVE these shoes.
ahhh i want them!

3 de agosto de 2008, 19:56  
Blogger Gloria ha dicho...

maybe if they weren't flesh-colored..

4 de agosto de 2008, 10:43  
Anonymous Anónimo ha dicho...

Oh, open-toe booties? Well, I don't like these, but I have seen some that are really pretty, black and quite strappy, but still a boot!I don't however quite know when I'd wear them: too hot for summer and really ridiculous for winter...!

Bonne soirée,

Mademoiselle M.

10 de agosto de 2008, 14:23  
Blogger belle.chantelle ha dicho...

I'm on the edge.

13 de agosto de 2008, 11:52  

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