The city heated it up: Hot trends to show your legs!!!

sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

Hot trends to show your legs!!!

You can wear it this season or for the next, its just a matter of having fun!
1.Baggy short pants, (sorry I dont know if this term exist) anyway this is from Alexander Mcqueen collection for spring 2009.
2.Long sleeve shirt as a skirt! I´ve seen this before and still I haven´t try it, I will do it one of this days.
3. Use a baggy dress.
4. Dont use anything, well... just a long shirt!


3 comentarios:

Blogger shloe ha dicho...

re bueno el post! yo me quedo con la polera larga! jaja. re comodo :)

te linckeo en mi blog ok??

22 de noviembre de 2008, 16:32  
Blogger karii ha dicho...

of course!!!!!!


hola di didi lady di

25 de noviembre de 2008, 9:46  
Blogger karii ha dicho...

me encantooo marc, son la pareja!!!!!!!!!!!

26 de noviembre de 2008, 20:30  

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