The city heated it up: Eras that change our life even when we never lived in it

miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2008

Eras that change our life even when we never lived in it

30´s The well dress lady, with all the correct and appropiate manners, gives us this air of a hollywood star also the casual outfit inspires a look of the good girl. (Useful in a formal event)

60´s and 70´s The rock´n´roll revolution, with all the rebel manners helps us to create this crazy looks totally retro, also the boho and hippie look aswell the boylike look that comes with the girls revolution. (When you want to have this retro air)

80´s The punk style mixed with a little of madonna.
Its something that you can love it o hate it but still let us some ideas for those crazy nights. (The basic use of this trends are for calling the attention)

90´s Oh yes the generation X just a square shirt (I dont know te name in engish sorry ...) and a ripped jean, adding a grease and messy hair you can have that look. (We use this trend when we want to make an statement, "I dont care what you think".)


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Blogger Nice and Shiny ha dicho...

Very good post!
It's tru it seems like we miss all the good times in history... yet a lot of things seem better in retrospect.
Awsome eras anyways! good times

6 de noviembre de 2008, 23:06  

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