The city heated it up

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008

‘I’m always being inspired by something different. Something new. Something absurd,’ she says, watching a bee buzz lazily past our table. ‘I get inspired by old films, weird things. It could be a person sitting across from me or it could be a full Victorian costume.’

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Blogger ♥ fashion chalet ha dicho...

Exactly why I love her, she's unique and has fun with style, she isn't conformed! Thank you for the comment. *kiss* xx *kiss*

14 de agosto de 2008, 18:56  
Blogger michelle ha dicho...

Love this! <3

14 de agosto de 2008, 20:32  
Blogger emma ha dicho...

those girls are insane...and i love them

14 de agosto de 2008, 22:50  
Blogger STYLE DU MONDE ha dicho...

Love her style!


15 de agosto de 2008, 2:38  
Blogger coco ha dicho...

I love Mary-Kate. She looked great in this issue.

15 de agosto de 2008, 9:47  
Blogger dandy ha dicho...

beautifully said. that girl has the style.

16 de agosto de 2008, 1:10  
OpenID choubelle ha dicho...

oh I read that interview in the june issue of American Elle! It was such a great article because you realize that even though Mary Kate has this crazy out of the ordinary life, she's still really down to earth, kooky and cool.
The difference is that she can afford those crazy amazing Christian Leboutin booties that I can't. urgh.

Love your blog!

17 de agosto de 2008, 7:37  

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