The city heated it up: Update

miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010


So let me talk about the current things that are happening in my life, I work part time in a telemarketing job which is the place where people from USA talk when has issues with their mobiles (not a good job but the pay is great) .

Also the other half time of my day Im doing an internship at a local tv station which is very popular here, its called TELEVISA its a big opportunity on the entertainment business, Its really fun and I have met some national and international celebrities.

So this is about my work life... hopefully one of the next months I can quit my telemarketing job and only focus on my journalism career.

Gabriel soto

Ana Torroja


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Blogger Carly ha dicho...

Stay focused...I have a broadcast communications degree from College, and never pursued the industry...sometimes I wish I had...Good luck! My as many internships as you can:)
Thanks for stopping in.

6 de diciembre de 2010, 16:53  
Blogger mennni ha dicho...

Thanks a lot about your lovely comment! :) you're always welcome to follow my blog!<3


14 de diciembre de 2010, 22:28  

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