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domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009


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Im doing a small renovation to my room...I wish if it looks like this!

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Blogger average children ha dicho...

a modern marie antoinette chambre
so beautiful

10 de marzo de 2009, 22:01  
Blogger cici ha dicho...

I like i like...=]
cant wait until you post more updates!!


18 de marzo de 2009, 11:31  
OpenID choubelle ha dicho...

Shoes, shoes everywhere!!
Good luck with your renovation!


21 de marzo de 2009, 17:48  
Blogger v ha dicho...

so gorgeous

3 de abril de 2009, 6:38  
Blogger Missy P ha dicho...

Oh my gosh, muy bonito!!!
I am doing my room at the moment too!!! Good luck to you ! this photo is soooo inspiring!

11 de abril de 2009, 4:44  
Blogger yiqin; ha dicho...

Ah yes, I have always wanted a four poster bed! & a HUGE see through cabinet for my shoes!

13 de abril de 2009, 0:41  
Blogger Alyssa ha dicho...

i know right! i wish i was grown already, with a huge fabulous house that i could decorate with sultry shoessss... oh fantasy come true!

26 de abril de 2009, 14:27  
Blogger superumi ha dicho...

awesome. i wish you get to have your dream room =)

29 de abril de 2009, 2:35  
Blogger Shared closet ha dicho...

esa es tu habitación¿?¿? madre mía! pendaba que era alguna foto de una revista! :)

29 de abril de 2009, 3:45  
Blogger Maria Shaun ha dicho...

Este comentario ha sido eliminado por un administrador del blog.

6 de julio de 2009, 21:40  

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